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Breeders, caterers, restaurant owners, culinary school trainees, consumers the world over –  do you believe that the guinea fowl should be given pride of place on our plates ? 

Join the movement so that we can address this injustice. Join the GRIF !

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guinea fowl,you will love it. guinea fowl, you will love it.

From the guinea fowl coop to the kitchen

Guinea fowl has been ignored for too long. For far too long, it has been used only for special occasions. Quality breeding, origin, traceability, incomparable taste, originality, recipes, etc. We have taken up our quills to share all the secrets of this wonderful bird! 

All about guinea fowl

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posted by Sophie

I cook this delicious dish for romantic meals! ...

This beautiful bird originating from Africa is now farmyard poultry, and its meat is delicate and tender....

posted by Marie

Eric Cachan

posted by Eric
Eleveur, Producteur Sarthe

Try a red label farmhouse guinea fowl. You won't be disappointed!...

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